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Miguel Caraballo candidate for the National Constituent Assembly

Miguel Caraballo 64 candidate to the ANC by the business sector

New entrepreneurship of the motherland will surpass petroleum

The candidate 64 by the entrepreneurs sector of the Libertador municipality, Caracas, Miguel Caraballo, said that in the economic model promoted by the Bolivarian revolution, the new entrepreneur seeks to consolidate fair social relations of production, to transcend the oil renaissance.

During his speech at the forum "Constituent, Challenges of Productive and Entrepreneurial Youth", held in the spaces of the 200 Technological Alliance, Caraballo said that "territorial organizational forms should point to a process of intense debate that outlines the principles on Which must be based on that State-Republic that consecrates not only work as the main element of transformation of reality, but the human being as a subject of law in a Constitutional Charter that guides the course towards that variable of state that we call Socialism.

Miguel Caraballo candidato a la Asamblea Nacional ConstituyenteIn this sense, the president of Aliantec, said that the National Constituent Assembly is transformed, in times of acute political, social and economic contradictions, "in the boat that will carry the storm carrying the whole of Venezuelan society, not only to safe port, But to the new stage of rules, routes and "actors of power" that will shape the metabolism of the new Republic-State.

Lastly, the ANC candidate said that his proposal is fundamentally oriented towards the construction of a new business model that first rescues human capacities, in order to boost productivity throughout the national territory.