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Aliantec forms workers in technical areas

Aliantec promotes the training of workers in strategic areas

Technic Alliance 200 workers (AlianTec) held several courses in strategic areas for the implementation of the projects developed through its House of Industrial Design such as Tepuy and Mastranto.

Formación de trabajadores y trabajadoras en áreas tecnicasThe first course, "Formulation and saponification", was held at the University of Carabobo, in order to obtain the fundamentals applicable to the formulation of bar soaps. Laboratory tests were also carried out with new raw materials to be used in the "Mastranto" soap formula, informed the Lideresa of the Lic Yhosmary Franco project.

The training was also attended by representatives of other companies such as Distribuidora de Soluciones Integrales C.A (Disolica) with whom Aliantec intends to sign a raw material supply agreement (base soap chip).

On the other hand, AlianTec workers participated in the formation of the Integral Logistics Training Program (PAIL) in order to handle key elements of the supply chain, such as: the use of management, strategic and operational tools for the successful performance of the organization.

With this course, you will be able to understand all the activities of inventory management, distribution and services that the projects of the House of Industrial Design require for your goods to reach the market; from the obtaining of raw materials, to the distribution of finished products to the points of sale and to the hands of the consumer.

It is important to note that "Mastranto Chemical Industries", in its start-up phase, will produce 1 million toilet soap tablets per nominal capacity, which will be distributed through the CLAP (Local Committees for Supply and Production) of Personal Hygiene in the great Caracas, in order to satisfy their needs.